Pilot Project “Digital Transformation of Podkarpacie”

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding 

On 11.10.2022 CCT Poland signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Podkarpackie Voivodeship with the aim of accelerating the process of digital transformation of education in the region.

According to the memorandum, schools in the region have the opportunity to implement Google Workspace for Education free of charge. At the same time, a pilot project has been launched in which up to 200 schools in the region will have the opportunity to take the certified training offered by CCT Poland free of charge. The training is designed to help teachers use Google tools in the classroom, create lesson content, manage documentation, and more. After the training, teachers can take the exams to become a Google Certified Educator and, for the very ambitious, a Google Certified Trainer. Vouchers for the exams are also provided free of charge as part of the pilot. In addition, schools will receive free training for principals and IT administrators. Principals will learn how to use Google for Education tools to manage the school, while IT administrators will learn how to effectively manage many accounts and laptops simultaneously and learn another technical side of using Google tools.

As part of the information campaign supporting the pilot project, CCT Poland, together with the Podkarpackie Centrum Edukacji Nauczycieli (Transcarpathian Teacher Education Centre) in Rzeszów, organised four conferences in the region in late 2022 and early 2023. At the conferences, school principals and teachers had the opportunity to work with Chromebooks and examples of using Google Workspace for Education in daily teaching were presented.


The first groups of teachers from schools were formed at the end of January, and Google Certified Educator training is scheduled to begin in the second half of February. The next groups will be formed as new schools join, so the opportunity for schools to participate in the pilot remains.

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