About us

Digital transformation of education with cutting-edge technology


About Us

As an official Google for Education partner, we assist Polish schools in implementing projects like School in the Cloud and Active Learning. Our team helps with the deployment and understanding of Google Workspace for Education, a secure platform that provides opportunities for improvement in administrative processes, teaching and learning. Along with Workspace, we also offer training and presentations on Chromebooks – laptops specifically designed to make teaching and learning easier. 

Who are We

CCT Poland is a Polish company specialising in the comprehensive implementation of Google solutions for Education, combining knowledge of Polish realities with international experience in implementations in Southern and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the USA.

We are a group of digital practitioners, helping schools to develop digital competencies and modernise the way they teach and manage in order to prepare headmasters, teachers and students for the challenges of the 21st century.

About us

Our mission

The mission of CCT Poland is to enhance the overall learning environment through the implementation of personalised technological solutions for educational institutions, the creation of innovative training programs for teachers, and youth programming. Interested in learning more about our mission?

Here’s your chance! Ask us about the Albus Project!

Our team

Alexander Angelov

CEO of CCT Poland. Certified Google Innovator. Certified Google Educator level 1 & 2. 


Mariia Ruban

Head of operations in CCT Poland. Responsible for coordinating all processes in the company. Coordinator of “Albus Project” – Digital Transformation of School with Google. Certified Google Educator level 1 & 2. Certified Google Innovator (1 of 3 in Poland).


Wojciech Zaraś

Education Development Expert in CCT Poland. An educator with many years of experience, responsible for education and training with Google Workspace for Education. Certified Google Educator level 1 & 2. Certified Google Innovator (1 of 3 in Poland).


Aleksandra Nowocieńska

Junior Operations Specialist in CCT Poland. Responsible for supporting operational activities in the company and administrative processes. Certified Google Educator level 1.


Igor Wasiewicz-Pawlaczyk

Workspace for Education Specialist in CCT Poland. Responsible for managing and implementing Google Workspace for Education in cooperating institutions. Certified Google Educator level 1 & 2.


Our trainers

Małgorzata Matyja

Certified Google Educator level 1
and level 2

Przemysław Szlagor

Certified Google Trainer
and Innovator

Dariusz Rzucidło

Certified Google Trainer

We believe that digital transformation is possible when technology has a good idea of how to use it. When this idea is supported by the collaboration of the school community and a trusted implementation partner, the results are spectacular.


CCT Poland is a certified Google Partner for Education in the full range of competences: education cloud solutions, teacher professional development and sales of computer hardware (Chromebooks).


Digital transformation

Based on the proven methodology and tools that have been successful in K-12 education and have become the gold standard in many countries, we want to support schools in implementing digital transformation projects using cutting-edge technology in the Google Education ecosystem.