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Welcome to the Google Reference School program!

Are you ready to bring your school to the next level of innovation and quality? The Google Reference School program is here to guide you on the way of this digital transformation journey. CCT Poland is an exclusive Google for Education Partner in Poland empowering schools and educational institutions to meet Google’s high quality and standards criteria for digital transformation.

Google Reference School 

The Google Reference School is a school that meets all of Google’s criteria for digital transformation in educational institutions. Becoming a certified Google Reference School is a process where your school can integrate Google tools into the classroom to ultimately make learning more inclusive and improve learning outcomes. Along with knowledge of Google tools, teachers receive proper training on how to use them in classroom practice.

The criteria a school must meet to participate in the project can be found below.

Why is the program so prestigious?

In schools that took part in the Google Reference School program, research was carried out that proved the effectiveness of didactics and pedagogy related to Google technology in many areas of the school’s educational activity. Becoming part of this prestigious global network places your institution on the map, endorsed by one of the world’s most influential technology companies, characterized by continuous innovation, and teamwork and is also the source of inspiration and change for more than 80 million students and teachers around the world.

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Are you interested in learning how Google’s technologies can have such a significant impact? Take a look at Albus School’s journey and see how the Google Reference School program enabled them to achieve outstanding results. From improved student engagement to elevated academic performance, Albus’s Success Story will encourage you to redefine education. See the Albus School Journey.

How to join the Google Reference School program?

Ready to embark on your school’s digital transformation? Joining the Google Reference School program is simple. Click the button below to register and take the first step towards revolutionizing your institution’s educational approach.

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Change may be challenging, and we at CCT Poland are aware of this. But be assured that we are with you every step of the way. A member of our team of specialists will contact you to go over the exact steps of the application process and address any of your questions in order to ensure a smooth transition toward becoming a Google Reference School.

If you don’t know where to start, just contact us and start your journey towards Google Reference School

There are several paths to becoming a Google Reference School, and there is no correct or incorrect method of pursuing accreditation. We are going to provide you with some advice in the form of steps you can take to get started on the path to becoming a Google Reference School in no time if you are just starting out and are unsure of where to begin. Here is only one example of steps you can take towards digital transformation in your school:

☐ Implementation of Google Workspace for Education platform
☐ Start using Google technology at school
☐ Course Level 1 and passing the Level 1 exam (getting certified)
☐ Course Level 2 and passing the Level 2 exam (getting certified)
☐ IT Administrator Training (2-3 chosen teachers)
☐ Start using Chromebook devices

Remember that the steps we’ve outlined are merely suggestions meant to assist you as you work to become a Google Reference School. However, you should feel free to explore alternate strategies and adapt them to fit your particular set of circumstances. This will guarantee a full digital transformation that properly corresponds with the goals and vision of your educational institution. If becoming a Google Reference School is a long-term objective for your educational organisation or if you are currently far from obtaining it, don’t worry. You can get closer to obtaining this prestigious certification by taking advantage of the variety of training programs, educational resources, and certification programs we provide at CCT Poland. Think of us as your guiding star as you embark on this fascinating trip! We are always available to help you develop. Together, let’s enjoy this educational transformative adventure!


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If you don’t know where to start, just contact us and start your journey towards Google Reference School.