Governmental Program "Laptop for Teacher"
Welcome to the extraordinary “Laptop for Teacher” Voucher Program, crafted to empower instructors in Poland with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the educational journey for their pupils. This endeavor strives to equip educators with the necessary resources for triumph in the contemporary classroom. Explore further into the program and the advantages it provides for both educators and students.


What is the Voucher program? 

The “Laptop for Teacher” Voucher Program is a special initiative dedicated to providing educators in Poland with advanced Chromebook models and specialized software solutions. We believe that equipped with the right technology, teachers can create more engaging and interactive lessons, foster collaboration among students, and stay updated with the latest educational resources.


Who can apply for the program?

The “Laptop for Teacher” Voucher Program extends its invitation to educators across Poland, encompassing those teaching in primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education institutions. These esteemed individuals hold the key to shaping the future, and their unwavering commitment to cultivating young intellects positions them as the ideal contenders for this remarkable initiative. Irrespective of whether one has accumulated years of experience or is just embarking on their journey in the realm of education, this program has been meticulously tailored to accommodate their diverse requirements.

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Enhancing Learning Experiences
Chromebooks have revolutionised the way educators and students interact with technology in the classroom. Their user-friendly interface, seamless integration with Google Workspace for Education, and budget-friendly nature make them a preferred choice for modern educational environments. Here’s why Chromebooks are excellent tools for teachers:
Simplicity and Speed 
Chromebooks boot up quickly and provide a seamless experience, allowing teachers to focus on teaching rather than technology delays.
Integration with Google Workspace fosters collaboration among students and educators, enabling real-time document sharing, editing, and feedback.
Chromebooks are built with multiple layers of security to protect sensitive student data and create a safe online environment for learning.
Automatic Updates
Chromebooks receive automatic updates, ensuring that teachers always have access to the latest features and security enhancements.
Chromebooks offer a budget-friendly solution without compromising on performance, ideal for schools with limited budgets.

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Chrome Education Upgrade (CEU)
Elevating the Educational Experience
Chrome Device Management

Enhance the functionality of your Chromebooks with the Chrome Education Upgrade (CEU). This upgrade is tailored to the needs of educators and institutions, offering features like enhanced management, time-saving setup, app and extension management, and 24/7 support. By opting for CEU through our program, you unlock a host of features that amplify the teaching and learning experience:

Enhanced Management

Simplified device administration gives you centralized control over devices and makes it simple to manage apps and modify settings.

Time-Saving Setup

Automated enrolment can speed up the setup process and guarantee that equipment is prepared for use in the classroom as soon as it is received.

App and Extension Management

Selective educational applications and extensions that provide pupils with targeted material while upholding a safe atmosphere.

24/7 Google Support

We offer specialized support for any technological problems you may encounter, so that you may be able to obtain the help you need.

Why Choose Us for the Chrome Education Upgrade?
We understand the unique demands of educators, and that’s why choosing the Chrome Education Upgrade through us ensures a seamless experience:


Our team is well-versed in the educational technology landscape and can provide tailored guidance on the most suitable CEU configuration for your institution.

Simplified Procurement

By acquiring CEU through our program, you streamline the procurement process, saving time and resources.

Integrated Solutions

We offer a holistic approach by combining cutting-edge hardware with advanced software solutions, providing you with a complete educational technology package.

Localized Support

Our support team understands the nuances of the Polish education system, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need in your preferred language.

Additional Benefits – Unlock a Year of Learning with Lerni App

  • Acquiring a Chromebook via our Coupon Campaign presents the opportunity to enjoy one year of complimentary access on the Lerni app—an invaluable asset for academic and individual enlightenment. The Lerni app presents a wide array of educational materials, encompassing linguistic tutorials, interactive teachings, and captivating drills. Whether employed to amplify educational guidance within the classroom or to refine personal competencies, the Lerni app furnishes a multifaceted learning hub for educators and individuals alike.


  • When you engage in the “Laptop for Teacher” Voucher Initiative, you will be granted a full year of complimentary access to the Lerni application. This multifaceted application provides a diverse array of educational resources, encompassing language courses and interactive tutorials, thereby fostering growth in both classroom pedagogy and individual skill enhancement.


How to Participate in the Voucher Program


Participating in the Voucher Program is straightforward! Follow these steps to equip your educational journey with these advanced Chromebook models:

✅ Eligibility Check

Ensure you are an eligible educator in Poland to take advantage of this program.


✅ Selection

Review the Chromebook models listed above and select the one that best suits your teaching needs.


✅ Contact Us

Reach out to our support team using the provided contact information for further assistance and voucher issuance.


✅ Redemption

Redeem your voucher through the provided instructions to receive your chosen Chromebook model. Empower your teaching with the latest technology through our Voucher Program, and provide your students with a world-class learning experience powered by Chromebooks! 🧑‍🏫

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Ready to equip your educational journey with the power of Chromebooks and cutting-edge software? Reserve your Chromebook and secure your place in our voucher program today!

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    Experience the future of education with our Voucher Program, featuring powerful Chromebook models, the Chrome Education Upgrade, and a complimentary year of learning with the Lerni app. Join us in shaping the educational landscape of Poland by reserving your Chromebook today. Elevate your teaching, empower your students, and embrace the potential of technology-enhanced education.